Baltimore lifestyle photography: MD dance photographer tango music links

Baltimore lifestyle photography tango links

Baltimore lifestyle photographer Marty Katz’s projects include dance, healthcare and portrait photography. Free tango music streams to accompany our video and stills coverage:

Channels include artists similar to the named music:

Orquesta Tipica Victor (updated 4/13)

Francini Pontier

Francisco Canaro

Roberto Firpo

Juan D’Arienzo

Ciriaco Ortiz

Carlos Di Sarli

Bulevard Tango Club


Otros Aires

Visit Baltimore Tango web page for MD milongas, practica and tango classes.

Baltimore photographers for advertising, commercial and portrait photography


Baltimore Photographer Marty Katz

About Baltimore Photographer Marty Katz

Baltimore photographer Marty Katz's news photography has been part of four Pulitzers and three documentary film award winners. Now he applies deadline photojournalist skills to commercial, industrial, political and lifestyle photography projects,with on-site delivery for social media, advertising, press release, annual report, marketing communications and crisis management.
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